Saturday, April 28, 2007

Textbooks and Links

Told you about this book, which is mostly geared toward "World Music Survey" courses. The author is putting online some resources to go with his book, including some links to videos on YouTube.
Bakan WORLD MUSIC blog: World music lectures with youtube links
As it turns out, many ethnomusicologists are using YouTube in their courses.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ethnomusicology References

Concordia RefShare databases
Thought they were already on the blog but here's a (openly available) RefShare database with some references to ethnomusicologically-relevant texts. There's also one with "Supplementary References" as well as other databases that I made for our course.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recontextualising Pachelbel

As a follow-up to the beatbox version, discussed in class.

Pachelbel everywhere.

Taking music in his own hands.

Going on...

Music and Globalisation: Webradio Version

Turns out CriticalWorld's Webradio player has some cool music to listen to. Contrary to my playlists, these songs are specifically made available by the performing artists.

Folkways at Concordia

Concordia has acquired 246 recordings from the Smithsonian Folkways collection. You can browse the list in this RefWorks RefShare library or search Clues for "smithsonian folkways."
We've talked about this collection, which was tied with Moe Asch and is now managed by Anthony Seeger at the Smithsonian Institute. As an "independent label," Folkways has had a very significant impact on the way diverse musics have been perceived in the U.S. and elsewhere.
As mentioned in class, there has been a podcast series on the Smithsonian Folkways collection.

WAM Online

Concordia just got access to Alexander Street Press's Classical Music Library. We've been talking about "Western Art Music" on occasion and this database can be especially useful to those of you who are interested in this "pure" form of music.
More information about this database (including off-campus access) can be found here.

Free Show: Dakan at Balattou (April 11)

The main band in which I play, Madou Diarra and Dakan, is playing tomorrow night, April 11, at Club Balattou on Saint-Laurent. Haitian singer Dre-D will play first, at 8:30 p.m. and Dakan will be the second act.
Free as in "free beer": no cover charge.
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique de Montréal - World music Musique du monde

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Participating Music: Rock Band (Game)

From the creators of the Guitar Hero game franchise (discussed in the course).
Guitar heroes unite; 'Rock Band' is coming | Crave : The gadget blog
The emphasis on collaboration goes well with the whole participatory culture and musicking trend that we talked about during the semester. Not sure how the game will be received but the idea of making it easy for people to play together (as opposed to playing against one another, apparently) is quite interesting.
Another thing: the video game industry is now succeeding where the recording industry is failing. Coincidence? You decide! ;-)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Thinking Globalisation Through Music



World Music


Creation of Otherness


"Big Wigs"

World Beat

Céline Dion as International

Music marketing

Empress of Russia

Cultural Imperialism?

Fashion Statement


Supply and Demand



Secular Islam






Non-U.S. Globalisation

Influences on U.S.

Migrants in Europe

China in Africa

Freeing Music

"Music Wants To Be Free"

Free as in "Beer"

Free as in "Speech"

Free from commodification

Free from genre labels

Free expression

Online Revolution




Calabash Music








Social stratification

As class


Liberal elite




Hip Hop

Ska to Punk

Music industry

State of the Industry

World-music market vs. world music-market

Big Four (Sony BMG, Warner Music, EMI, Universal)

Mergers and acquisitions vs. diversification


Barclay (typo)


Les Disques Audiogram


Identity Symbol

Business Models

Music Sales



Other Models?








Larry Lessig

Creative Commons

Anthony McCann

Napster, RIAA


World Music

Czarna Kawa


Jeszcze Raz




Astrud Gilberto

When Jazz Meets Brazil

Azúca De Caña


Eva Ayllón

Afro-Peruvian Classics: The Soul of Black Peru

The arabic party



Oiental Belly Dance 2

Axé Axé


Daniela Mercury

Sol Da Liberdade

River Song


Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto

Mas Que Nada


Astrud Gilberto

Night Trip (Compiled by Toshio

Music in the World

Dancing On The Ceiling


Lionel Richie


I Will Love Again


Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian

I Will Love Again (Ballad Reprise)


Lara Fabian

I Will Love Again

World of Music



Amr Diab and Cheb Khaled


Salsa raï




Bhangra Daddys


Punjabi By Nature

Here And Now (Disc 3)

Libérez-nous des libéraux


Loco Locass

Amour oral

World's Musics

Sorry Sorry (Old School Afro dub)


Femi Kuti

Hôtel Costes, Volume 2: La suite

Wombo Lombo


Angélique Kidjo


Whirl-Y-Reel 2 (Folk Police mix)


Afro Celt Sound System

Volume 1: Sound Magic

Musicking World

Theme From Shaft (vocal)


Isaac Hayes




Malik Adouane

Buddha-Bar (disc 2: Party)



Goldorak (Japonais)

TV Shows

Opening the World of Music

The Jug of Punch



Island Angel

Stjärnan (The Star)




Tanto Tempo


Bebel Gilberto

Now Sound of Brazil

Sem Contencao


Bebel Gilberto

The Now Sound of Brazil

Into the Nada


Karl Blau

Beneath Waves



Empress of Russia

The initial purpose of the meeting was to encourage the retail trade via various concerted efforts as follows.

1. It was agreed that we should create a generic name under which our type of catalogue could be labelled in order to focus attention on what we do. We discussed various names for our type of music(s) and on a show of hands 'World Music' was agreed as the 'banner' under which we would work. Other suggestions were 'World Beat', 'Hot...', 'Tropical...' and various others. It was suggested that all of the labels present would use 'World Music' on their record sleeves (to give a clear indication of the 'File Under...' destination) and also on all publicity material etc. There followed a discussion on whether or not 'World Music' should be presented as a designed logo or simply as a specific type face. Discussion followed as to the extent to which this might engender exclusivity of elitism, thereby begging the question of how any other label/organisation may be able to join the club. The discussion centred around the possible conflict between the short term commercial aim of promoting 'World Music' (sponsored, promoted, and paid for by us), and the longer term aim of establishing 'World Music' as the generic term for this kind of music as with Reggae/Soul/Disco etc. (non-exclusive and open to all). Artists designs solicited for the next meeting.

Pasted from <>



Robin Denselow How easily did the phrase "world music" come about?

IA There was a vote, but the debate was not so much hey, let's get something trendy, it was to make sure that the term didn't exclude things. For instance, "worldbeat" left out anything without bass and drums. "Ethnic" was too academic.


Pasted from <,11710,1249391,00.html>


CG My reservation about the term "world music" has always been that all the great terms - like jazz, reggae, rock'n'roll - sound musical. They come up in songs. Nobody is ever going to have a song title with that phrase "world music" in it. If you took the word "music" away, and just called it "world", that would be better.


Pasted from <,11710,1249391,00.html>



Music Market

Nielsen SoundScan reported that the big four accounted for 81.87% of the U.S. music market in 2005:[1]


Pasted from <>


According to an IFPI report published in August 2005,[3] the big four accounted for 71.7% of retail music sales:

  • Universal Music Group — 25.5%
  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment — 21.5%
  • EMI Group — 13.4%
  • Warner Music Group — 11.3%
  • independent labels — 28.4%


Pasted from <>

Loco Locass

Libérez-nous des libéraux (texte de Batlam et Biz / musique de Chafiik)


- Prêt pas prêt la charrue Charest, acharnée, charcute en charpie la charpente

De la maison qu'on a mis 40 ans à bâtir

- C'pas toi qui a milité pour Amir Khadir ? -( … )

-Maintenant la table est mise pour 4 ans à pâtir, à pâlir à vue d'œil

Ahuris à la vue d'la bande d'abrutis qui bradent à bride abattue

Qui vendent à rabais, par la bande c'qu'y a pas de prix

Une fois l'mandat fini, le pays ressemble d'un abatis

Coupe sombre, coupe à blanc, Coupe Grey

« Alouette, je te plumerai »

Pis pour couper court au courroux populaire

Patapouf étouffe la foule et légifère à tombeau ouvert

Pis tout sourire il sert la soupe populaire

( C'est ça être solidaire quand on a sacré tout à terre )

Afin de faire taire un argumentaire unique en terre d'Amérique

Mais son affaire, ça fait ben trop l'affaire des régents d'affaires

Du Canada pis du Conseil du Patronat

Bâillon pas bâillon, je raille pareil, le patron des patrons

« Ta yeule Taillon ! »

Heille si le dément démantèlement t'excite tellement

Que c'est comme de la musique à tes oreilles

Comment t'aimes le tintamarre des barbares, dans tes tympans d'avare hagard ?


Face à la menace de la braderie on brandit

Le poing de la Patrie à la face des bandits

Face à la menace de la braderie on brandit le poing ...


Libérez-nous des Libéraux !


J'te l'dis carré, catégorique

Jean Charest, Mike Harris : même combat, même charisme

Même kermesse des biens et services publics

Câlisse faut que ça finisse

La chasse aux bs pour eux c't'une business inespérée

Pis ceux qui dépérissent

Y reste plus qu'à prier Saint Jean-Baptiste

Ça vous apprendra, ma race de séparatistes

Y'a pas de place, où on peut pas faire la piasse

Contrats de performance pour la SGF, pour les CPE, ou les SDF

Un impôt sur la quête? Tiens, ça serait pas bête !

Ça dirige le Québec comme une PME

Comme un pimp ses putes, pour qu'elles alignent les P-I-P-E-S'ti !

Ça se sait ça s'connaît, la clef du succès pour le 24 Sussex

C'est d'assexuer le Québec

Quel beau sujet pour Jean-Claude Labrecque

« À Hauteur de Gnome » ( hauteur de braguette )

Sucer debout, c'est ça se tenir drette...


zzzzzzzzzzzzip : «Je suis prêt »


On est loin de « Maître chez Nous »

Maintenant comme jamais, il y a un traître chez nous

Ça s'entend quand il parle comme un derrière de boîte de céréales

Si tu penses me faire taire, tu perds ton temps j'suis intarissable

 « Je vais sous ton ciel, Muse! et je suis ton féal »


Face à la menace…

Libérez-nous des Libéraux !


Pendant que le kid de Sherbrooke

Liquide au souk ce qui nous distingue

Au carnaval libéral fédéral, ça bringue dingue

« Viva Canada ! Banana republica ! »

« Mandat sur mandat, on est encore là ! »

Un parti unique, c'est un parti inique, cynique, qui nique

Tout débat démocratique

La confiance de la rue est rompue

Car la cour de l'empereur corrompu accumule les écus


Et enfin, quand il sent la fin, le monarque débarque

Mais passe le pouvoir à son homme de main

Comme un bon roi Chrétien

Mais selon moi, Martin

Tient du requin ben plus que du dauphin


L'armateur, arnaqueur, anglo, franco –on sait pus trop-

Joue sur tous les tableaux

C'est l'homme des shaloms et des salamalecs

Mais comment croyez-vous qu'il conçoive le Québec ?

Depuis 10 ans, véritable sous-marin

Soi-disant nous tend la main

Mais mate-le nous démâter

En parquant l'gros paquebot des fédéraux dans nos eaux

C'est sûr il s'insinue comme la moelle dans nos os

En somme ça me semble simple : sous les libéraux

Québec et Ottawa sont les lames d'un ciseau

L'une décrisse les racines du lys

Et l'autre s'immisce au sein de nos services

Ça fait qu'émasculé, pis enculé, le calcul est pas compliqué : on va r'culer

Devant tant d'unifoliés déployés à tous les paliers

Croyez qu'on va tous se noyer, broyés, dans la marée rouge

À moins qu'on ne bouge …

Enweille bouge!


Libérez-nous des libéraux !


Les cols bleus, les cols blancs, toutes les écoles confondues

Faut se ruer dans la rue, au printemps comme une crue

Faire éclater notre ras-le-bol, une débâcle de casseroles Trêve de paroles, faites du bruit!

Un charivari pour chavirer ce parti, comme en Argentine, en Bolivie

D'un pôle à l'autre, c'est un constat continental :

À bas le bulldozer libéral !


Libérez-nous des Libéraux !

Tamtid'lidé délibérez du libellé

Tamtid'lido libérez-nous des libéraux


Pasted from <>