Friday, December 08, 2006

Music References

A quick list of some online resources on music through the University's libraries.

The Grove Music Online is a well-known general reference on music. It can be useful to look up some musical terms, get some information about genres or search for specific musicians (especially in Jazz and Classical genres)
Direct access:

The Music Index Online is an index of music journals by author and subject. It has apparently been greatly improved last February.
Direct access:
RILM stands for «Répertoire international de litérature musicale» but it's known, in English, as "Abstracts of Music Literature." It's a very extensive database for all references having to do with music, from dissertations and books to journal articles.
Direct access:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=rih

Concordia has access to the full JSTOR III collection, which includes many full-text articles on music.
Direct access:

In all cases, you can access the databases from campus or from an off-campus connection with your library login information (barcode and PIN).

Audrey Laplante is the subject librarian for music.

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