Friday, January 26, 2007

Digital Music Linkfest

As usual, been reading several things on music in the digital era. Some of them are quite relevant to our discussions on the commodification of music (and its effects on a global stage), new business models for music, and musicking. Some links.

Record labels rethink digital rights management at Midem - International Herald Tribune

Universal exec - say goodbye to the old record co. | The Register

Indies unite to challenge Big Four digital deals | The Register

Universal music chief blasts Slashdot [printer-friendly] | The Register

Why Everyone Hates The Music Industry - E-business & Business Technology News by TechWeb

Conversation avec Jacques Attali: Ironie du virtuel

The more recent links in this list have to do with the Midem conference, which just happened in Cannes. Events like these abound but my hope is that this one marked an actual paradigm shift (in Kuhn's sense).

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