Thursday, November 22, 2007

Song Popularity and Video Games

Seems quite directly related to what we have been saying about connections between music and the entertainment industry.

Songs included in Guitar Hero 3 see a dramatic leap in digital sales
The actual details are a bit less convincing than I thought they might be. And there could be some discussion of what it means to license music for use in a game (or in a movie, or as a ringtone). The general population seems to emphasise more of a "rights to use in any context" idea while some musicians find it important to make sure their recordings are only associated with things they can support. After all, it would probably be frustrating for a band following a "Straight edge" hardcore punk ideal to have their music used in a commercial about a Seagram-created caffeinated liquor involving images of recreational drug use, gluttonous meat eating, and promiscuous sexuality... ;-)


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  2. Anonymous: I sincerely hope it's true. If not and it's a strategy to send fake comments, well, too bad.