Monday, May 28, 2007

Planning Playlists

This link was included in a discussion of course playlists and copyright on the Society for Ethnomusicology's mailing-list.
Smithsonian Global Sound
It could provide a convenient source for playlists in anthropology of music and ethnomusicology courses.


  1. do u know about our festival

  2. @jarek: No, I didn't know about this. Looks interesting but I can't read Polish. What type of festival is it?

  3. here u have english version:)

    im sorry, my english isnt good.. this site: SGS is really awesome. check out mine: u dont need to know polish there:)


  4. Jarek, sorry it took me so long to allow your comment. I missed the notification, for some reason.
    So... How did the festival go?
    Tonight was the last night, right?

  5. Hi,
    here what i have seen:
    - awesome concert by Qasimov, master of mugham from Azerbeijan,
    - very trance music by ladies from Marocco (Berbers), we were dancing in catolic church like on techno party:)
    - mystical and a little bit
    frightening experience because of shamanic lady from Syberia.. she was laughing and crying at same time..
    - nice performance by Bunun people, but they are not virtuosos on jews harp:)
    - i heard that concert by aborigenes was a little bit boring (very short 1minute songs, maybe created only for festivals?)

    so.. festival was fantastic, and i was proud that i live in Poland:)


  6. Jarek,

    Thanks again for the report! I just met up with a friend of mine who organises festivals in Poland. I'll forward your comments to him.