Sunday, July 15, 2007

Insight on Record Industry (spoofs)

Two blog entries about the record industry written by "Fake Steve Jobs":
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Rolling Stone: The record industry is dying
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: The music industry nobs have finally figured out what we're doing
Much to mull over, in both of these. Nothing really new, but well put and insightful. Many comments on those entries are interesting. I found myself agreeing with many points made by commentators even in the case of comments which seem to contradict one another.
One thing is for sure, the record industry cannot remain unchanged, at this point. All things considered, the record industry is a rather young one. But it's already moribund.
It will in fact be fun to see what will take the place of the record industry in the broader field of music-related businesses. Apple Inc. might play an important but so may relatively unknown entities.

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